The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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The Creative Gathering - Day 3
Photo: Kristoffer Nes Langemyhr

The Creative Gathering - Day 3

Third day at The Gathering - seminars, fast intro and compo shows are on the schedule today!
Creative lounge

General Info

The Fast Intro themes are released, and the deadline is 18:00 today. So, get on with your code, music and graphics, and just do it! Got trouble starting? Try out Petri's XNA demo framework. If you missed the workshop, you can watch the whole thing here.


  • Friday, 12:00 Deadline Rendered Graphics competition
  • Friday, 12:00 Deadline Freestyle Graphics competition
  • Friday, 18:00 Deadline Fast Intro competition
  • Friday, 23:59 Deadline Freestyle Video competition
  • Friday, 23:59 Deadline Hardcore Programming competition


As usual, the stage and auditorium are filled with seminars. Learn more about popular science concerning math and calculations from UiO at 13:00 on the main stage. Learn how you can develop apps for Window 8 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 at 14:50 on the main stage, or maybe you want to learn how to develop a game for Windows Phone or Xbox 360? Then show up in front of the stage at 16:40.

If graphics are more your thing, or if you're just curious, prepare for a speedpaint session with Wictoria Norgaard at 18:15 and an introduction to 3D sculpting at 19:10.

Compo shows

Tonight, there will be a compo show on the main stage at 20:15. We will show your contributions in fast intro, freestyle graphics, rendered graphics, freestyle music, themed graphics, MS Paint, fast remix, Sanestation challenge and themed photo.

It'll be a show containing awesome music, awesome graphics and fantastic demos, so show up! Get inspired! Get your ears filled with music, and give your eyes some candy!


As always, our mentors and helpdesk are happy to help you. Use them, you still got time for both the fast intro compo, freestyle video and hardcore progrmaming. Check out the mentors page!