The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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A sad and inaccurate case

Friday afternoon the national media in Norway gave us some sad news, participants at TG were apprehended by the police for using illegal substances.

- What is said in the newspapers is both shocking and misleading, states Head of Security Carl Henrik Myhre with a sad expression.
- We hire the police and their dogs to carry out planned operations every year, these dogs are so good that in some cases the dogs have marked on people who haven’t used marijuana for several months, Myhre explains.
It is in this context two dogs and six police officers have conducted a search of Vikingskipet. The results of this thorough search of the arena is that fourteen people were marked for having used illegal substances.
- Of these fourteen, four had used illegal substances during The Gathering, while the remaining 10 had used illegal substances prior to this year’s event.
- Furthermore, out of the four, two of these had illegal substances on their person, Myhre continues.
The people who were apprehended by the police for this have been permanently banned from all of our future events.


Earlier today our online newsmagazine The News Gathering talked to the police about the same incident, you'll find their story here.