The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Continued cooperation with the Police

The Gathering has always been and will always be a drug-free event. This is one of main reasons why we have a strong cooperation with the local police here in Hamar. We believe that the participants should get the best experience possible while they're here at The Gathering.

We've interviewed police officer Geir Ove Bakke, which is on site with the police dog Gustav. Together with his dog, they patrol Vikingskipet in their search for illegal substances. This search is paid for by The Gathering, but Geir Ove wants us to know that it’s not just The Gathering that wants their contestants to be drug free, the local police also spends resources to make sure everyone is safe and drug free.

Their work mainly consists of patrolling around vikingskipet, so that the dog can use its keen sense of smell to detect illegal substances. The dog’s keen sense of smell is in fact so good that that it can smell if one of our participants have smoked marijuana as far as seven weeks prior to The Gathering, Geir Ove tells us. There has also been cases where some of our contestants have brought illegal substances with them to The Gathering but they get caught. “We hope that as many as possible who attend this event thinks twice before they bring any illegal substances to it.” Geir Ove points out.

In addition to the interview with the local police, we’ve talked to several of the participants at TG to hear what they feel about having the police here. «I feel safer» was the general consensus from those we interviewed.

Located in the same building as The Gathering is also the Fire Department, and they’ve got an agreement with The Gathering which means they’ll help us should there be any need of an evacuation of Vikingskipet during the event.

We encourage all our participants to visit regularly and familiarise themselves with the security protocols for the event. If you see anyone or anything in violation of these rules, please contact a member of security ( recognized by “SECURITY” on their backs) or contact info-desk.