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KANDU invites you to an exhibition
Photo: Per Escild Hadland -

KANDU invites you to an exhibition

Creative digital arts, demos, amigas and more at display in Oslo now.


KANDU, the organization behind The Gathering, is arranging an exhibition about the Digital Arts. 

The exhibition can be seen at Jernbanetorget metro station in Oslo, and contains artwork, demos and music made at computer parties around the world from 1991 to 2011.

The goal of the exhibition is to show people that young people do more than play video games when they sit in front of their computers. 

In addition to this, you will also find various computer memorabilia from the same period, from an original NES in its box, to a Windows 95 install disc. 

The exhibition lasts until February 14th and will be updated every other week. 

How to get there: Metro: Take the metro (all lines) to Jernbanetorget and go towards the Byporten/Oslo City-exit. From street level: go down to the metro station from either outside the main entrance to Oslo City or Byporten Shopping centres. The exibition is in the hallway between the east- and westbound lines. 

If you're not in Oslo, you can view some of the artwork at The site is in Norwegian, but you can still enjoy the artwork.