The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Creative Gathering - day 4
Photo: Anne Marte Markussen - Babe Runner, PlayPsyCo - We Crave Sustenance, Liam, Spacebumpers

Creative Gathering - day 4

We've reached the final full day of The Gathering. Deadlines, seminars and Creativia show are up today!
Creative lounge

General Info

The last full day of The Gathering 2012. Today we will show you the last of the creative competitions, and there will be seminars and at the very end - a prize ceremony. Remember the deadlines for the Intro compo at 17:00, and the Demo compo at 18:00. We hope that as many people as possible contribute, and not least shows up for the demo show on the main stage at 20:00. Perhaps you will even get inspired, and feel compelled to participate next year?


  • Saturday, 12:00 Deadline NGA Game Development competition
  • Saturday, 12:00 Soft deadline Intro competition
  • Saturday, 12:00 Soft deadline Demo competition
  • Saturday, 17:00 Deadline Intro competition
  • Saturday, 18:00 Deadline Demo competition


Liam is back on stage at 13:00, to talk about Gamedevelopment for beginners in Java. At 13:00, Anne Marte Markussen will do a speedpaint session on the main stage. Anne Marte won the freestyle graphics compo last year with Babe Runner.

Last year, We Crave Sustenance by PlayPsyCo won the demo compo. The demo was hand synced by Thomas Austad, and at 16:40 he will tell you how in How to sync like a DUBstar. Anders Lassen will be back on stage at 18:55. All this from the main stage today!

At 14:00, the play-off in Hardcore progamming will be held in the auditorium. So, show up and check out the AI's get together, in the battle of spacebumpers!

Some other stuff are held in the auditorium as well today - learn Python programming, Arduino and physics:

  • Saturday, 13:00 PY1000: Ditt første Python-program (Your first program in Python)
  • Saturday, 13:30 PY2000: Python for viderekomne (Intermediate Python Programming)
  • Saturday, 16:00 ARD1000: Fysisk hacking med Arduino
  • Saturday, 16:30 ARD1010: Vær oppfinnsom med Arduino (Be inventive with Arduino)
  • Saturday, 17:00 FYS-ROT0001: Morsomme fysikkeksperimenter (Fun physics)

Compo shows

Tonight at 20:00 the last of the creative compos will be shown. Get yourself to the main stage for the hardcore progamming final, showing of the contributions in Norwegian Game Awards, Freestyle Video - and finally the main events, the Demo and Intro compos! The sound will be awesome, and there will be more sanntidseffect than ever before!

At 23:30, there creative prize ceremony will be held on the main stage. Finally we will know who's the best of the best, and the toughest of the toughest! Show up!


As always, our mentors and helpdesk are happy to help you. Use them, you still got time for both the fast intro compo, freestyle video and hardcore progrmaming. Check out the mentors page!