The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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The Dark Internet - Anonymity services 101

The Dark Internet - Anonymity services 101

At the mainstage today at 14:50 there's a lecture about the anonymous-service "Tor"
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“Tor” has become a household name for many, so has Freenet's “Dark Net”. Proxies and VPNs are also becoming increasingly popular among users trying to protect their identity on the internet. But how do these services work, how do they try to protect you, and who are you in the end actually managing to hide form?

We at UiO give a brief introduction to how some of the major technologies work, the concepts they rely on, and try by example to show who you are trusting, and from whom you actually hide. For in-depth discussions on the topic, you are more than welcome to our stand!