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Minecraft Competiton Winners!

Minecraft Competiton Winners!

The winners of the Minecraft competition have been decided!
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The winners of the Minecraft competition have been decided.

It was a difficult choice for the judges this year with many amazing and sometimes exciting entries received, but in the end, the entries were narrowed down to a top 3 based on skill, content and exhibition of the theme for this year's event: In a galaxy far, far away.  And without any further delay, the winners for the TG12 Minecraft Competition are as follows:

THIRD PLACE: In third place with their submission of a space station were Henrik Hedenstad Breivik, Øyvins Snilsberg and Jadar Loeng Grilstad. The judges commented "Good construction, good detail."

SECOND PLACE: In second place with a submission of a space ship was Olav Bogevik. Our judges said "A very good job with Redstone wiring, large and detailed".

FIRST PLACE: Finally, in first place with an impressive submission entitled "Theed Palace (Naboo)",  the team Norske Klossbyggere: Marius Bergh, Joachim Eide and Kristoffer Svendsen. The judges said of this entry "Amazing detail, insanely huge and it really screams out the theme. This entry stood out with very good landscape around the buildings with rivers and waterfalls."