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Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms
Photo: Screenshot from Moleman

Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms

If you missed the screening of the documentary Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms, during this year's The Gathering, you can download it here.

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Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms is now available to download, completely legal! It will be shared out through bittorrent, and we hope that most of you seeds after downloading it. The documentary is 90 minutes long, and are available in both 1080p and 720p.

Mainly the documentary is told through Hungarian demosceners, but it also includes other nationalities - like Duckers (better known as Anders Lassen, chief for Creativia at The Gathering) and with pictures from the norwegian demo party Solskogen.

During the documentary, you'll get an insight in what the demoscene is, it's history and some of the personalities. You can read more about Moleman 2 and the project at