The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Welcome to the end of the universe
Photo: Rikke Jansen

Welcome to the end of the universe

It’s finally official, with the tagline “At the end of the universe”, The Gathering 2012 will take you to places you’ve yet to experience.


While the selection of the theme for The Gathering is a process shrouded in mystery, we've gotten some insights as to what people that may or may not have been involved in the process are thinking.

“Selecting a theme is never easy, so I’d like to keep that a secret.”, states Event:Organizer Jørgen Vigdal, when asked how the theme for TG12 was decided.

The theme is yours!

Vigdal does however, have a few comments to the theme in itself.

“The management team decided on a theme which we find to be relevant for the year of 2012 and one that holds a lot of potential in terms of decoration. In addition, we believe it opens up for a lot of individual interpretations which in turn offers more freedom to figure out what to bring to the venue to show one’s interpretation.”

Another man rumored to have some insights is Anders Lassen.

“I’ve always been a fan of themes that have references typical to the demoscene and the computer party culture we have at TG. My favorite of all time is Rescue of Fractalus from 2004, which was a reference to an old Commodore 64 game and at the same time fractals which was very hot in the demos at the time”, says Lassen, chief of Event:Creativia, the crew responsible for all the creative competitions at The Gathering.

More or less obvious references to both the end of the world and Douglas Adams’ literature put aside, Anders thinks you can do the job of interpreting this year’s theme yourself.

“I’ve found many alternative interpretations that fit just as well, but part of the fun is for people to be able to find their own meaning with the theme trough their own creative endeavors”, says Lassen

Release your creativity

What we hope now is that every single participant releases their creativity.

“I hope they (the participants) can be as creative as possible and that they come up with their own interpretations and their own ideas.”, says Vigdal

“And I’m absolutely sure that we will award the best interpretations of the theme that we haven’t necessarily come up with”

“That applies to anything, it’s a freestyle competition”, Vigdal stresses.


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