The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Photo: Vetle Halvorsen


Get your Geekevents account ready, you can find all th details about seating for The Gathering 2012 here.
Tickets & seating

Seating and check-in is now closed. If you have not checked in or seated yourself yet, you can do this in a separate line when you arrive.

Large seatmap available here.

Just like previous years we will open the seating gradually. This is done so that both larger and smaller groups will be able to sit together.

NB. Seating closes April 2nd 23:59 Norwegian time.

Postponed one day

The seating which was supposed to start at 21:00, March 8 th, was initially delayed for one hour. Unfortunately we discovered factors that when combined resulted in that starting the seating tonight would not be smart.

I order not keep people up at night we found it to be most appropriate to postpone the first seating group (those seating for 30+) for one day.

We will open the seating as follows:

  • March 9th 22:00 - Seating opens for those with 30+ tickets.
  • March 10th 21:00 - Seating opens for those with 20+ tickets.
  • March 11th 21:00 - Seating opens for those with 10+ tickets.
  • March 12th 21:00 - Seating opens for those with 5+ tickets.
  • March 13th 21:00 - Seating opens for everyone.
  • March 21th 21:00 - Pre check-in starts.

At the same time we would like to remind that the deadline for refunding your ticket is March 4th 23:59 (Norwegian time)

Ps. For a tutorial on how to seat using Geekevents click here (English only).

Pps. Participants with creative tickets will not be seating with Geekevents, this is done at arrival to the lounge.

Pre check-in

March 21th the pre check-in starts at Geekevents. At that time, an email will be sent with information on how you can proceed to for the pre check-in.

The pre check-in consists of confirming whether you intend to use the tickets for yourself or not. If you are registered as the user for more than one tickets, you will be asked whether the remaining tickets are for your personal use, or for another user. In the first case, it will be marked as unusable for check-in. In the second case, you must select another user as the user of that ticket.

After this, you must confirm that your contact details are up to date. When the contact details are confirmed, you can download a PDF with the proof of check-in that you must print out and bring to TG. It will be sent by email as well.

Please note that a proof of check-in does not equal a valid ticket. The status of the ticket in Geekevents is what matters.


This year, we've split the arena into 4 zones (divided on 9 sectors) to make sure you get the best party experience. The zones are as follows, and the placement can be seen at the map above.

Zone 1, sector 1: Hardware zone

This is for those who enjoy hardware modification, building computers and similar. In this zone, we want moderate sound levels, so this is not the place for gigantic speakers.

Zone 2, sector 2: Silent zone

If you are one of those who want a seat with less sound, this is the zone for you. We do not expect this zone to be completely quiet, but advice participants to limit themselves to smaller speakers or headsets. This zone is close to the Creative area and ChillOut, which will offer interesting presentations and activities.

Zone 3, sectors  3-8: Party zone

This zone has no special restrictions, other than creativity and fire safety. This zone has the most seats; we are a computer party after all.

Zone 4, sector 9: Gamer zone

This is the zone for those who are participation in the game competitions, or just have an interest in gaming. We expect this zone to be calmer sound wise, to make it easier to focus on the gaming. We recommend bringing a headset. Other than that, this area does not require any activities.


The temperature in the arena will rise with 5000 participants and their computers, which means that we must ventilate. The Ventilation will mainly consist of opening the gates at each end of the arena, making the seats on the outer left and right of the map have somewhat lower temperature. Generally speaking, the middle seats of the rows will have a slightly higher temperature throughout Vikingskipet.