The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Creative Tickets are still available!
Photo: Maria Syvertsen

Creative Tickets are still available!

If you are interested in computer creativity, you still have a chance to attend The Gathering this year.

Tickets & seating

Regular tickets for The Gathering 2012 are now more or less sold out. A few participant tickets will trickle in as people cancel or don't complete their orders, but it won't be long before all regular tickets are gone. However, there are still Creative Tickets available.

As you might know, participants with a Creative Ticket will be seated in our Creative Lounge, a "creative party within the party". In this area, we will organize creative seminars, and we will have mentors available to help you with coding, graphics and music. This is also a very social area, where you can meet other people with similar interests. In other words, joining us in the Creative Lounge is the perfect way of getting the most out of The Gathering 2012!

This year we will host seminars about programming, graphics and music, and hopefully they will inspire you to create something awesome, and contribute in our compos. For more info about the seminars, go to our seminar page.

We will also host a wide range of creative competitions, from the traditional demo compo, to music and graphics competitions. If you can code, create a demo or participate in Hardcore Programming. If you like creating music, you can participate in the Freestyle Music compo or make a remix for the Fast Remix compo. If graphics is more your thing, check out our Freestyle Graphics and Rendered Graphics compos. We even have a MSPaint-compo! See more info about the compos on our compo page.

As you can see, during The Gathering 2012 there will be a lot of cool stuff going on in the Creative Lounge, so don't miss out! And who knows, maybe you'll be the next Demoscene Superstar!

If you want to join us, go to and select Creative ticket. You will still need to write a short application where you explain why you want a Creative ticket.

Also, if you have bought a regular ticket but you want to "go creative", it's possible to convert your ticket into a Creative Ticket. In that case, send an application by e-mail to and we'll help you.

Creative tickets are 800 NOK (+38 NOK fee), or 250 NOK (+12 NOK fee) Creative no-seat-ticket!