The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Fully packed Creative Lounge!
Photo: Steinar H. Gunderson

Fully packed Creative Lounge!

TG's most prominent demo makers, movie directors, game developers, music producers and graphics artists have united once again!
Creative lounge

We are flabbergasted to announce that we have close to 200 of our most eager creative partygoers assembling in the creative sector of the end of the universe this easter!

We are now very close to fresh out of Creative Tickets for permanent seats in the Creative Lounge. The last tickets will be given to applicants bringing entries in the Demo, Intro and Fast Intro competitions. If you are planning to enter any of these competitions, make sure you mention this in your application.

However, you can always order No-Seat Creative tickets up until the party starts, and also during the party. With a No-Seat Creative ticket you can enter all the competitions, seminars and side events. You will not get a permanent workplace, but if you bring a laptop to the lounge area you can work on entries as long as we have space.

Note that to order a ticket during the party, you need to apply for it through Geekevents *before* arriving at the Vikingship, otherwise you can only by regular day-passes in the door (which are more expensive if you plan to stay more than one day).