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Noroff SC2 Results

The Noroff qualifying tournament for Starcraft II is now over and a winner has been decided
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LucifroNThe Norwegian Starcraft II site recently held the Noroff qualifying tournament for Starcraft II. The qualifying tournament is now over and a winner has been decided. Noroff has been kind enough to pay for the winner's entry ticket to The Gathering 2012 as well as up to 1 500 NOK in travel expenses. After going undefeated up until the final it was Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Duran who pulled some winning moves in a very close final against Rickard "SortOf" Bergman.

"I'm really happy, especially after such a close final. It feels great to qualify. I'm satisfied with how I played, although I think I played a bit worse in the finals than in the rest of the qualifier", comments LucifroN on his play.

Early in the match it didn't look as good for LucifroN as he lost 2 – 1 in the first set, taking it down to the wire to win in the last set of this double elimination qualifying tournament. There, a clearly tired LucifroN executed a bold move using hellions and banshees in an attempt to finish the match early as he struggled against the late game broodlord play of SortOf. His gamble paid off, and not long after moving his hellions into SortOf's drone line a 'good game' was posted and LucifroN could celebrate his victory.

LucifroN is now qualified for the main tournament at The Gathering 2012 taking up one of the invite slots, and will recieve a high seed for the tournament. We congratulate him on his win and hope to see more good games from him at The Gathering 2012.

Final standings can be viewed here.

Photo: Liquipedia