The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Starcraft II Casting
Photo: IMBAtv - Jack Stone

Starcraft II Casting

Noroff University College brings IMBAtv to The Gathering 2012
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The winners of the TG12 Starcraft II tournament this year can expect to be handed a portion of a 100 000 NOK (around $17300 US) prize, with the 8 top players each receiving a share of the money. The top player this year can expect to win 55 000 Norwegian Kroner (over $9,500 US), with each of the next 7 places receiving a share based on their rank. 

The qualifiers for the TG12 Starcraft II tournament, supported by Noroff University College, attracted a record number of gamers this year, with nearly 500 people taking part, including players from South Korea, the United States and Germany, which means that we can expect an exciting tournament during The Gathering 2012. 

The Gathering’s press office today also announced that Chris ‘McDuffs’ Crevling and a full complement of team members from IMBAtv will be providing colourful and quirky commentary on the tournament ‘as it happens’ (live). McDuff’s career, which spans many years, has seen him gather a fan base of thousands, and his signature steam punk look and self-confessed “epic beard” will be a welcome addition to The Gathering’s already vibrant casting stage. Vital to the success of this year’s casting efforts has beenNoroffUniversityCollege’s support of the tournament and of IMBAtv’s preparations. Creevling said of this partnership, “Noroff and The Gathering have been an absolute joy to work with”. 


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