The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Seeking new movie talents at TG
Photo: Vetle Halvorsen

Seeking new movie talents at TG

Direct your own movie and join Hollywood director Harald Zwart at work.

Creative compos

 Now the Norwegian director want to do a little extra something for one of the most promissing talents, to help more Norwegian movie makers out in to the big world.

The award goes to the best director

The lucky winner of "Best direction award", a movie direction competition at The Gathering, will get the day of their dreams in Hollywood. The winner will be picked up at the airport by Harald Zwart in a limousine. This is followed by a tour on the set of the Norwegian director where the winner will see how movies are made, Hollywood style. And if that wasn't enough, as a real director, the young talent will have his/her own director's chair on the set.

"I want to further inspire and stimulate the creative environment at The Gathering, which have fostered many new talens during the years. I have a lot to learn from these young talents and I would like to do a little extra something for the winner. Hopefully the prize will attract more young people to be movie makers.", says Harald Zwart.

Want to strengten the creativity

We at The Gathering hope this prize will be a solid boost for the participants and will hopefully contribute to strengthening the event as a creative environment for inspiration and development.

"To put an even stronger focus on what's going on at The Gathering, and especially the creative parts of the event, we've been so lucky as to get Harad Zwart on our team, which will be a fantastic experience for the lucky winner", says Simon Eriksen Valvik, information chief at The Gathering.

The winner of "Best direction award" will be selected by a jury lead by Harad Zwart at TG12. The competition was announced yesterday with Harald Zwart face to face via video from LA.


Rules for this competiton follows the rules from Freestyle Video and the General rules.

For pictures, movie and sound from the video conference with Harald Zwart, head on over here.