The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Check-in and food tickets
Photo: Vetle Halvorsen

Check-in and food tickets

Remember to check in before arriving at The Gathering
Tickets & seating

Seating and check-in is now closed. If you have not checked in or seated yourself yet, you can do this in a separate line when you arrive


Tickets for this event are digital and can be modified by the owner at any time. You can print a check-in proof detailing information regarding the ticket at the time you completed pre-check-in. You only need the check-in proof and identification to gain access to the event.

In summation: The ticket it self is digital in the sense that it only exists in Geekevents and that it's the status in Geekevents which decides whether or not it is in fact valid.

Just like at the airport

To compare this with something you might be more experienced with, let's say your at an airport.

Let us compare this with when you are going to travel by air. Your proof of check-in is the reference number you have when you go to the check-in counter. When you check in you get a boarding pass, which in our case can be compared with the bracelet you get when you arrive at the venue and check in there.

If you go to the airport with a ticket which has been canceled, you obviously won't be able to fly. Likewise you won't be able to enter TG if someone has selected another user for the ticket you are using, even if you have completed the pre-check-in.

Food ticket

There have been some questions regarding the food ticket. The food ticket works a lot like the participants ticket  Explained briefly:

  1. Make sure you have selected users for all your food tickets, if you have more than one.
  2. Every single user go to the receptian to get a GE-card
  3. You pay a 10 NOK deposit for the card..
  4. Eat plenty of food.
  5. Return the card and get a 10 NOK refund or keep it for the future, it may be used on future events.