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Signups for game

Pre-Registration for the BYOC tournaments have opened, this is how you participate.
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As we soon open the gates to The Gathering 2012 and this year's game tournaments, there may be some confusion about how you can participate. Hopefully after you have read this news post you will know what to do before TG12 opens and when you arrive at the event in order to participate in the games you want to play.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer)

The BYOC qualifying tournaments are held the first day of The Gathering 2012, and this is the last chance for anyone to qualify for the main tournament. Signups and check-in for the BYOC tournaments close 19:00 if not specified otherwise. For the BYOC to run smoothly, a BinaryBeast account is required in order to allow players to report their scores after the end of a match and move on to the next.

Here is what you need to do to be able to play in the BYOC tournaments at The Gathering 2012:

  1. Login to your BinaryBeast account or create a shiny new one!

  2. Make sure you have linked your gaming profiles to your account ( ID/Summoner name, etc.)

    You can also set your ID's/summoner name as the "Display Name" on your BinaryBeast profile.

  3. Join the tournament you want to play in. You will find a link to registration under each game in the menu to the left.

    NOTE: In Battlefield 3 and League of Legends, only the team leader needs to apply for a slot in the tournament. However, the whole team must check-in at the Game:Desk upon arrival at The Gathering 2012 (More about that below.)

    You have now reserved a slot for the tournament, but still need to check-in as a confirmed player/team to be able to play in the tournament (your slot is still not locked and can be taken by other participants):

  4. When you arrive at The Gathering 2012 you and your whole team must check-in at the Game:Desk, this must be done before 19:00 on Wednesday the 4th of April. After you and your team have done this you are a Confirmed Participant in the tournament, and no one else can take your slot.

  5. Get on IRC and the channel for your game. If you don't have an IRC client, a link to a web-client can be found under the game pages BYOC section of your particular game. (Navigate with the menu to the left.)


Main Tournament:

The main tournament is where most of the action happens. It is played in the Game:Arena, an e-sports area created for this years gaming events. To be able to compete in the main tournament you must either have been invited, qualified through an online tournament or qualified through the BYOC tournament. Players and teams must also check-in for the main tournament:

  1. Upon arrival for The Gathering 2012, players and teams must check-in and confirm their arrival at the Game:Desk.

  2. Players and Team Managers must fill out a form with contact and bank account information at the Game:Desk – it is the players' and teams own responsibility to make sure this information is given to The Gathering's Administration and that the provided information is correct. Providing faulty information may result in the loss of prizes.

    Please have all bank details, including international codes and transfer information ready when you come to check in.

  3. Make sure that you meet up for your matches at least 30 minutes prior to any scheduled match time.