The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Creative and pro-gamer tickets

Creative and pro gamer tickets will be on sale december 2nd.

Tickets & seating

Tomorrow, december 2nd, creative and pro gamer tickets will be on sale.

A new ticket this year is the creative no-seat ticket, which you can read all about in the FAQ.

The creative no-seat ticket is the ticket for all the Creative participants that do not want to attend the entire party, but would like to attend a competition and/or see exciting lectures, or even see one or more of our shows. This ticket gives you the access to all of The Gatherings facilities, except a seat. You will therefore only be able to bring your laptop or other mobile device to the event. As with the regular creative ticket, you will need to write a short application, explaining why you wish to have this ticket. You can not attend game competitions with this ticket.