The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Creative Gamers
Photo: Delta 139

Creative Gamers

Gamers can be creative too! Do you game and want to do something creative?

Do you like to play games but at the same time wish you could do something creative at The Gathering 2012? No problem! This year, all our creative gamers can compete in several competitions that involve games.

From the basic building blocks of actually creating a game yourself all the way to playing your favourite game and making something creative out of it, there will be a creative enterprise that fits most gamers at this years The Gathering.

NGA Game Development and NGA Themed Game Development

For the developer and programmers, our creative team have partnered with the Norwegian Game Awards to give you the opportunity to compete for prizes by creating your very own game. This is a nice way to stimulate your creative senses fully because you can create almost anything you want. If you are new to game development but always wanted to make your own game, you can get tons of help from our mentors in the creative area, so not having the skills is no excuse to leave your entry out of the submission box!

Minecraft Creation

Minecraft has grown and grown and now involves millions of players around the world - a true sign that everyone can be creative if they want to be. We want to bring this forward at The Gathering and that's why we are continuing our success from last year by holding a Minecraft creation competition. The goal is simple: we give you a theme and you amaze us with the biggest, best, most amazing creation you can come up with. Last year, the challenge was to re-create "Vikingskipet", this year we are at the end of the universe, so we have a fitting theme – "At the end of the Universe".

Best Game Movie

Like to create movies or short clips of action, but don't want to leave all your games at home? Well, maybe you can compete in our Best Game Movie competition! There are not many rules you have to follow, and the setup is simple: just make a movie. As long as it is clearly related to games and has a strong game theme, we are happy to judge it. There are lots of styles to choose from, from the popular fragmovies and racing movies to the game themed short movies filmed with real actors – starring you!

What are you waiting for? Most of these competitions are already open for you to start being creative! So off you go, and get creative – you must enter to be able to win!