The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Important dates

Here are the dates you need to know, this post is subject to updates. Latest update february 10th, 1 am.

  • December 19th 2011, we will start processing the crew applications.
  • December 13th 2011, tickets are in store at geekevents, info here
  • December 5th 2011, you can apply for a position in the crew, details here.
  • December 2nd 2011, Creative Ticket, Creative No-seat Ticket and Pro Gamer (NO SEAT) will be available through our ticket service - read more about it here.
  • December 1st 2011, 10 PM, the queue lottery for ordinary participant tickets and the foreigner tickets will be available at - further info can be found here.
  • April 4th 2012, 9 AM The Gathering 2012 begins, se the FAQ and check back for more info.