The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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The Creative Gathering - Day 1
Photo: Kristoffer Nes Langemyhr

The Creative Gathering - Day 1

Welcome to the first in our daily morning roundups of what's happening today in the the creative space at The Gathering!
Creative lounge

First and foremost, welcome to The Gathering 2012! We will do a "what's happening today" article every morning throughout TG, so you are sure never to miss anything important. On this, our first day, we hope you all get settled in and are working hard on your contributions. 


The Small HTML competition task will be announced at 03:00, and the Fast remix kit will be released tomorrow morning at 10:00, so be sure to be ready for those!


The first deadlines are already tomorrow, and you need to make sure your contributions for Themed Photo (10:00), MS Paint (15:00), Fast Remix (16:00), Themed Graphics (17:00), Sanestation Music (23:59) and Freestyle Music (23:59) are ready!

Creativia time! 

The main thing that's happening tonight is a show from the main stage, starting at 23:15, and running a full hour. During that time, Creativia chief Anders Lassen and selected guests will give brief introductions to all the competitions, as well as show examples of some of the most outstanding contributions from previous years. We will round it all up with some selected demos from previous years, to really get your inspiration going. 

That's it for today - we will see you all out and about in the creative lounge, and be sure to come up to our helpdesk and ask our extremely helpful and friendly staff if there is anything you need.