The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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The Creative Gathering - Day 2
Photo: Kristoffer Nes Langemyhr

The Creative Gathering - Day 2

We have arrived at day 2 of The Gathering, where both seminars and deadlines are closing in fast!
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General Info

The Small HTML case task is now out, as is the Fast Remix kit - so get cracking! We are anxiously awaiting your contributions.


Deadlines for the following competitions are today, so we hope you have your entries ready - Themed Photo at 12:00, MS Paint at 15:00, Fast Remix at 16:00, Themed Graphics at 17:00 and Sanestation Music at 23:59.

Tomorrow, friday, we have deadlines for the competitions Rendered Graphics (12:00), Freestyle Graphics (12:00), Fast Intro (18:00), Freestyle Video (23:59) og Hardcore Programming (23:59).


Today brings many good seminars from the main stage. You cean learn more about programming in «Progamming for beginners» with Liam S. Crouch at 13:55, or catch his second seminar of the day «Game development for beginners» at 15:45. Crouch won third place in last year's Game Development with his game Caveman.

Microsoft is holding the seminar «Demo programming in XNA» at 15:45, followed by a second seminar on game production at 21:55 from the good people of Noroff, called «Alex Trowers Making Games? Great!».

If your interests are more about music, sound and production, we strongly advise you to attend the seminars «The Secrets of Bass and Sound Design» at 16:40 as well as «Inspiration to Music Production» at 18:15. Both seminars are held by Magnus Sørlie, better known as Miu when he is appearing on stage - as he did in the opening show yesterday - or Kaktusen, when he is busy winning music and demo competitions right here at The Gathering for the last few years.

So get oup out of your chair, get down to the stage and see these seminars! You will certainly learn new things, and be inspired to start creating your own awesome productions. You can read more about what happens on stage in The Gathering's main Schedule.


Other than that, all our mentors are in place, so use them - ask them questions, get their input on your production, and if you wonder about anything - come talk to us at the Creative Helpdesk! You can read more about who our mentors are and what they can help you with at our mentor page.