The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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The participant’s guide to the universe

Lost something?

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Mousepads, cups and cooler bricks

Bought a mousepad or a cup? here's where you reclaim it

TNG arrival edition

TNG Arrival edition tells you what you need to know when you arrive in Hamar, and practical knowledge on how to get inside The Gathering as fast and efficiently as possible.

Free Buns

Nobody sells as many buns as Shell Espa, and they're giving you a free taste.

Creativity at The Gathering 2000-2003

In our third article about the creative competitions at The Gathering, we will tell you about the start of a new millennium - with new lows, and the start of a new climb to greatness.

Milliways - new dining option

A new restaurant will be added to Vikingskipet during this year's party.

Creativity at The Gathering 1996-1999

A lot of things were new in 1996 - not only the location, but for the first time all participants had access to a fast Internet connection. The Wild compo was another new addition this year – a kind of "anything-goes" compo, where you could submit almost anyything that didn't fit in any of the other compos. There were competitions for older model Amigas as well as for the Commodore 64, but none of these got a lot of contributions.

When: 4. - 8. April

The doors open wednesday, April 4th at 09:00

Creativity at The Gathering 1992-1995

In The Gathering's early years it was a restless event which moved on several occasions, trying to find its final form. One thing was for sure, there were a lot of computer interested youths out there, waiting for a place to show their digitial creations.

Questions the upcoming days?

As we move closer to the event, we've made some changes regarding how you can reach us.

The Dark Side of Pluto

Today marks 82 years since the plutoid Pluto was officially named. As many of our contestants might notice, The Gathering has a special bond with the little plutoid.

Ask questions online NOW

There was an online meeting hosted by on March 22. All questions and answers are online.

Accomodations in Hamar

First Hotel Victoria offers participants at The Gathering 2012 a special price during their stay in Hamar this easter. The hotel is located in center of Hamar, with only 50 meters to go from the railwaystation and around 1 km from the ship.

Packing list

Are you curious about what to bring for your trip to the end of the universe? Click here for some of our tips!

A new and better

With the universe as our playground, we realize that there may be a lot of information, especially if you are spending your first Easter at TG.

Six useful tips when applying for a crew position

So, you want to be one of us? We've got a few tips that might come in handy when applying for a position in TG crew.