The Gathering 2012 At the end of the universe
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Apply for a crew position

Do you want to make The Gathering 2013 the best TG ever? If you do, you should apply for a crew position.

Back once again

The TG13 forums are here!

Do you want to be a main organizer at The Gathering?

KANDU, the organization behind The Gathering, is looking for «old and experienced» and «new and creative» souls to be part of the management team for The Gathering in 2013 and 2014.

The final News Gathering

Read all about winners and more, in the last edition of the The Gathering magazine.

Creative winners

Here are the results from this year's creative competitions

Attention Grabber is released

As every year our great friends down at Creativia create attention grabbers to rock your socks off. We've got it available for you on ftp now.

TG2012 - The Gathering 2012

Thanks for a fantastic easter and we hope we see you all at TG13!


We've made a map that describes the driving pattern for the parking lot on Sunday.

Inspiring Arduino project: smart juggling balls, informatics and programming

Inspiring Arduino project: smart juggling balls, informatics and programming
Roger Antonsen, University of Oslo, and Jan Dyre Bjerknes, Kongsberg Defence S

FYS-ROT0001: Fun with physics

Campus TG blows up Kinder Egg boxes, makes solid water, burns money and calculates your blast radius.

StarCraft II Finals

See the final match of the TG12 StarCraft II tournament in the auditorium.

Harald Zwart says hello

The Norwegian movie director Harald Zwart sends us his regards.

TNG 4th edition

The 4th edition of The News Gathering is here, with the latest and greatest from The Gathering.

Download it here (Norwgian only).

Continued cooperation with the Police

The Gathering has always been and will always be a drug-free event. This is one of main reasons why we have a strong cooperation with the local police here in Hamar. We believe that the participants should get the best experience possible while they're here at The Gathering.

A sad and inaccurate case

Friday afternoon the national media in Norway gave us some sad news, participants at TG were apprehended by the police for using illegal substances.

GUNNAR Optiks' Space Race

GUNNAR Optiks' Space Race starts Friday at 7 pm.

UiO: Campus TG Hacking Challenges

Win a tweeting plant!

Lost & Found

Things may both disappear and show up again.

World record at TG

Backed up by Microsoft, the participants created the world largest test environment for Windows 8 Server. Over 500 virtual private servers (VPS) were created during the last 36 hours.

TNG 3rd edition

In this edition of TNG you can read about the arrival of the participants, who the StarCraft II casters believe have the best chance of winning, and what caffeine does to you, among other things.

Lectures from UiO - Friday

UiO is holding a wide range of lectures. On Friday you can learn more about things like how to build a computer, take a crash course in Japanese, or maybe learn more about regular expressions.

Help Microsoft set a world record

Microsoft wants to make the world's largest test environment for Windows 8 Server.

SOV1337: RedBull, Caffeine, Polyphasic sleep

UiO: Campus TG stiller med et flott nattforedrag kl. 02.30 i auditoriet om koffein og søvn.

Survey from Lillehammer University College

A quick survey from Lillehammer University College could earn you some cash if you answer it

NTNU game survey

Are you over average interested in gaming? Do you want to win a giftcertificate for 1000 NOK. Take this quick survey from NTNU

Medtech Health application competiton

100 000 NOK to the Winners of this creative application competition

Flying entrance

A small group of participants arrived by air this year. Click to see the video of the helicopter landing, and the interview following.

Producers picks

Producer Jørgen Vigdal has made his own personal favorites among the many entertainment and courses that will be held during TG2012. We encourage you all to check them out.

Milliways Q and A

We've met with the guy responsible for the new restaurant, Milliways.

Competitions by Østfold University College

Østfold University College is hosting four competitions this year.

UiO teaches you fun stuff

UiO has some great lectures and courses today, take a look at their schedule here

Social robotics

Pierre Lison will hold a lecture on the main stage with a live demonstration of the humanoid robot Nao on the main stage at 1pm.

Altibox competition

Altibox is running a competition where you, among other things can win a laptop worth NOK 48000.

Best of Freestyle GFX

Our Creativia crew has put together a slideshow of the best entries from previous Freestyle Graphics competitions.

Creative compo system is GO!

Wuhu, the compo system for this year's Creative competitions is now ready!

Meal ticket details

The last details regarding the meal tickets are now ready, including the menu and how to claim your prepaid ticket.

Game streams

Game serves streams with both Norwegian and English casters this year.

Blix solutions puzzlegame

One of our kind sponsors will give out one ipad to the winner of the Blix solutions puzzlegame

UiO creates icecream

MAT0001: Icecream out of liquid nitrogen
The fun way to make icecream! How does one boil ice at -79 celsius? Come to this lecture and get free icecream and answers to these questions! 
Today, Wednesday, kl. 20.30 ved UiO: Campus TG

TG 2012 Invite

A nice invite for TG12 made by Toma

Game Deadlines!

If you want to participate in the game tournaments remember to sign-up before the deadline.

Windows Vista network issues

Participants using Windows Vista may experience problems with their internet connection, our tech crew is aware of the problem and working on a fix. The fix will be announced as soon as it is read.

Groups for Starcraft II

The groups for the Starcraft II Tournament have been announced. You can follow the progress of the tournament from the Starcraft II page

Schedule online

The schedule for lectures, stage happenings, competitions and more is now online.

Creative Gamers

Gamers can be creative too! Do you game and want to do something creative?

Survey from NTNU

Help one of our sponsors by taking a quick survey for them and you can win a new iPad and a gift certificate.

Live stream up

Want to see what the crew are up to in Vikingskipet? We have a live feed up now.

Video teaser

Our great video team have a teaser for you.

Changes in the driving pattern

Some changes have been made to the driving pattern to The Gathering due to roadworks.

Webcam in Vikingskipet

Our tech:organizer Marcus Sæthershagen has been in Vikingskipet since Friday, and has rigged up his webcam.

Watch TG on TV

If you're not able you attend this year's TG, you can tune in from your very own living room.

TNG is back

Our very own in-house magazine, The News Gathering (TNG) is back. (Norwegian only)

NerdSwim is back

Like previous years KANDU:Chillout organizes a Nerdswim during The Gathering 2012, at Ankerskogen, A notable change this year is that you need a bracelet to get in.

Norwegian Minister of Defence seeks new expertise

"People who might have spent more time at The Gathering rather than in the forest"

Fastest in the universe

The Gathering beats the Swedes and the rest of the world's computer parties with the fastest internet access in the universe, with 200 Gbit/s.

Download wallpapers

Prettify your desktop with official wallpapers!

Official wallpapers

Our great designers Therese Hansen and Rikke Jansen are now working on making your desktop pretty with an official wallpaper featuring this years theme, and they are expecting it to be ready in about a week. 

What resolution would you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

Do you want some of our stuff?

In that case, you better take a look at this year’s The Gathering merchandise at

Welcome to the end of the universe

It’s finally official, with the tagline “At the end of the universe”, The Gathering 2012 will take you to places you’ve yet to experience.

Crew For A Day

Want to see what it's like to be part of the crew at The Gathering? Try it for one day with CFAD.

TG11 Network: A Closer Look

Read all about the TG11 network on Tech:Net's own blog.

KANDU invites you to an exhibition

Creative digital arts, demos, amigas and more at display in Oslo now.

Important dates

Here are the dates you need to know, this post is subject to updates. Latest update february 10th, 1 am.

Apply for a crew position

Wannabe, the online recruitment system, is now open!