Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013


Our points of contact (POC) prefers to answer questions by email. This is because those involved in organising The Gathering are busy students or have a full time job, which makes their availability by phone limited.

The news is published on first. This goes for information on competitions, dates relating to ticket sales, seating schedule, events and so on - please respect that this is our primary news channel. No one will be able to answer any questions that are not answered on

Add your contact information when you send an email to enable us to reply to your queries in the simplest matter.

Sponsor contact

POC: Vegard Skjefstad
Phone: +47 901 19 966

The sponsor contact is responsible for all deals with sponsors and companies. Please note that all commercial activity (sales, advertisements, etc.) within the party area must have a written approval. Please contact us for more information.

Press contact

POC: Simon Eriksen Valvik
Mobile phone : +47 400 50 100

If you want to get in touch with us, you can send an email or call. Both methods of contact will give a prompt reply.

Please do not call this number if you do not have questions for the press center. The press contact cannot help you with anything else.

Our press page may be found here.

Ticket related questions

The Gathering is using to handle ticket related matters. We ask you kindly to contact geekevents' support if you experience any technical issues, or have questions regarding payment for tickets.

Participants Ombudsman

POC: Mats Frøiland
Phone: +47 22 69 69 00

POC: Marianne Skadal
Phone: Will be available closer to TG13

POC: Sondre Langenes
Phone: Will be available closer to TG13

Our participant's ombudsmen are available by email or phone. If you need some special arrangements at The Gathering, they are the people to contact. They will also take input from you if you have some important feedback or suggestions which are not suitable for publication on our forum. They will also answer questions from concerned parents after they have read the information on our site.

Crew ombudsman

POC: Pia Fiskaa Vestby

POC: Bjørn Erik Gundelsby

If you have any questions related to the crew, please contact the CO. She will answer questions related to your crew application or specific questions about the crews at The Gathering.

General suggestions

We would like you to post your suggestions in our forum which is read by a number of people from the crew on a daily basis. There you can also get feedback on your ideas from other participants to make your ideas even better!

Other questions

Any other important requests or things that need a quick answer may be directed to Info:Organizer Simon Eriksen Valvik.

Phone: +47 400 50 100


Other questions

For other questions, these are the emails to use:

  • for queries about game competitions and the likes.
  • will answer your questions about the creative happenings at The Gathering.
  • holds the answer to your security related matters. Please read the FAQ before you send an email as a lot of the most common questions are answered there.
  • is staffed by representatives from our medical crew who can help you enjoy a safe easter. If you have an issue the medic crew should be aware of, please inform them on this address.
  • will listen to your problems or concerns with our web page.
  • can help you if you have problems with the crew management system. Please note that these guys can not answer questions related to your specific crew application. Those questions should be directed to our Crew Ombudsman.
  • will try to answer any questions that do not fit into any above category. Please note that we can not answer questions about tickets. This adress will be unmanned from monday the 25th of april untill tuesday the 9th of april.
  • answers questions related to the actual content on, our Facebook and Twitter accounts.