Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013


The Gathering will continue to carry on the creative traditions in 2013. We will have a broad selection of creative competitions, seminars and social events for everyone who wants to use their computer for anything creative. Since 1992, The Gathering has been an arena for prestigious demoscene competitions and a place to meet creative people from the whole world. This year we aim to fill The Gathering with a better and wider range of entertainment, seminars and competitions.

And of course all seminars, competitions and other events in the Creative Lounge all open for all participants, regardless of what kind of ticket you have or where you are seated.

More about our competitions and seminars will be announced as soon as possible. Do you have any questions, input, wishes, suggestions, or simply want to discuss with your creative co-participants? Check out our forum! Even though we're not answering everything that is posted there, crew members carefully monitor each thread and what is written there.

In the mean time we would like to encourage you to read the material presented on Creativia's pages here on

news: Creative

Our creative winners

Here's the full list of the winners in our creative competitions. We would like to congratulate all the winners!

Creativia prize ceremony at 23

The prize ceremony for the creative competitions has been moved ahead, and will start shortly after 23.

Voting closes at 21

Remember to vote!

The Creative Gathering - Day 4

It's the last full day at The Gathering 2013!

Try some new games!

Do you need some new games to play? Now you can try all the games from the NGA Fast Game Development competition!

Theme release for Fast Intro

The themes for this year's Fast Intro are Goats, Geisha and Cyborgs.

The Creative Gathering - day 3

More deadlines, more theme releases and more lectures.

Creativia photowalk

Do you want to become a better photographer? Join in a photo walk with mentor Kim Kverneland.

Freestyle Video and interview with Fandrem

What is freestyle video anyway?

The small HTML-rules has been changed!

The rules for the small HTML-rules has been changed!

The Hacking compo is released

The Hacking competition has been released.

Fast Remix kit is available!

Download this years remix kit here

Themes for Fast Graphics

Three themes, three hours!

The small HTML task has been released!

The small HTML task has been released!

Theme for NGA Fast Game Development

The theme for this year's NGA Fast Gamedev is released.

The Creative Gathering - Day 1 and 2

So, you're back? Great! The Gathering needs you, and your creative mind!

Guide to the compo system

If you want to participate and vote in the creative competitions, you need to use our compo system. This article tells you how.

My first experience with the demoscene

This is an article about how I experienced my first meeting with the demoscene, and why you should start doing something creative and get to know the demosceners. Article is in Norwegian only.

Introduction to game development

One of the things mostly everyone inside this huge ice skating hall have in common is computer games. And we play them a lot. But have you ever wondered how you can make your own game? Then this article is for you.

Interview - Alexander Odden aka Flipside

We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Alexander Odden, aka. Flipside (and half of the duo Pegboard Nerds), and ask him about his history at The Gathering.

Healthcare seeks creative gamers

Can the future's health challenges be solved with games? Here's your chance to be the first to find out!

Useful Phone Utility

Do you want to win one of ten Geeksphones? All you need to know it right here.

Time to manipulate!

It's time to wind up your favourite photo editor - the stock photos for the Themed Photo Manipulation compo are here!

Creative mentors

Would you like to get help from a mentor in The Creative Lounge?

This year's creative prizes!

As usual, we will host a vide variety of creative competitions at The Gathering, and we want to give away over 350.000 NOK in prizes!

This year's creative competitions

The list of this year's creative competitions is here, along with prize information and rules. Find a compo YOU can participate in!

Anders' dream day

During The Gathering 2012, he was nearly decleared genious by movie director Harald Zwart. As the winner of the «Best Director Award», Anders Øvergaard (24) spent a day at his film set.

Hardcore Programming renamed to AI Programming

Say hi to AI Programming.

Graphics tips

Do you want to participate in our graphics competitions? Here are some tips and ideas for you.

Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms

If you missed the screening of the documentary Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms, during this year's The Gathering, you can download it here.

Creative winners

Here are the results from the creative competitions at TG12.

The best music from TG12

The tradition lives on! Presenting: The Gathering 2012 Music Disc.

Has learnt a lot by working with a small budget

The winner of the «Best Direction Award» at The Gathering 2012, Anders Øvergaard, will soon be going to the US to see how Norwegian director Harald Zwart works. In the mean time, he shares some of his movie making history with us.