Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Freestyle Music


  1. Hand-in

    • Entries in the music competitions must be delivered through the web-based compo system.
    • All entries must be delivered as a Zip or Rar file containing the track itself and a short text file (file_id.diz/.nfo/.txt) with information about the entry (author, track name, additional credits) as well as contact info.
    • You should also consider handing in a fifteen (15) second sample (MP3), that represents your track. This sample will be made available in the voting system directly after the compo.
    • You are allowed to provide us with an extended version of the track. If you choose to do so, this is the track that will be made available for download after the party ends.
  2.  Pre-selection

    A jury will select a maximum of fifteen (15) tracks to be played during the show. The jury's decision is final, and there is no room for appeals. 

    Tracks not selected for the show can not be voted for and will not be spread.

  3. Allowed formats

    • MP3
    • Ogg Vorbis

    Other file formats are not allowed, and will result in a disqualification!

    Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and use a quality encoder with high bitrate settings. Your track will sound better, so don't be cheap. Don't forget to tag your file properly! Please complete the ID3 tag or OGG file info with as much detail as possible.

  4. Use of copyrighted material

    The entry is to be considered royalty free. Use of unlicensed samples is not allowed! Any participant must be ready to provide documentation that samples used are licensed for use and publication. Failing to provide such documentation upon request will result in disqualification of the entry.

    If you are in doubt, ask someone from the compo crew before the deadline (that way, you will have time to remove any problematic samples before submitting).

  5. Number of entries per participant

    One entry per participant. Co-productions are allowed. If multiple people cooperate on a track, neither will be allowed to hand in solo tracks.

  6. Maximum length (compo edit)

    Three (3) minutes, seventeen (17) seconds.

    Entries lasting significantly longer than 03:17 will be disqualified, entries lasting just over 03:17 will be cut off at exactly 03:17 when played

  7. Deciding a winner

    The winner will be chosen by combining the results from the popular vote with a jury vote.