Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Hacking Competition

Assignments can be found at



  1. Legal notice

    Hacking systems and networks without permission is illegal.

    We do not encourage or condone abusing or breaking into systems to which you have not been granted explicit access. This competition is intended to teach awareness about methods and techniques so that you can protect yourself from them, not to use them against others.

  2. Misconduct

    You may only work against targets which the specific tasks lead you to. You are not under any circumstances to attack any computer systems, web sites or other infrastructure outside the specific assignments of this competition.

    In addition, you may not attack the infrastructure of the competition, including but not limited to the competition website and/or related equipment.

    Fair play

    Although the hacking compo is competitive, do not sabotage, distort, misdirect, destroy or in any other way prevent the progress of the other participants.

  3. Keep your secrets

    You are not allowed to provide or distribute any solutions to other participants.
    You are however allowed to collaborate and discuss the tasks with others, provided that your final solution to any task is your own.

  4. Disqualification

    Breaking these rules will result in immediate disqualification. The competition organizers will be the sole judge of what qualifies as breaking the rules. The decision to disqualify any participant is final and not open for appeals.

  5. Choosing winners

    Winners will be chosen by the amount of points gathered by completing tasks. Prizes may also be given out for each category. Final prize list will be determined by total participation in this competition.