Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013


Create an executable program that displays real-time rendered graphics and plays music. Show off the combined programming, musical and artistic skills of your team. In less than 65536 bytes. Or even smaller.

This compo is combined, which refers to the fact that intros for all platforms participate in the same competition.


  1. Hand-in

    Entries in the intro competition must be delivered through the web-based compo system as a Zip or Rar archive containing the executable file and all necessary data files and dynamically linked libraries (DLLs on windows, .so files on Linux). The total size must not exceed 65536 bytes.

  2. Number of entries per participant

    In the intro compo we allow more than one entry per participant, and of course several participants per entry.

  3. Deciding a winner

    The winner will be chosen by combining the results from popular vote with a jury vote. The popular vote will account for 67% of the total score, and the jury vote will account for 33%.

  4. Allowed platforms

    Note that in contrast to the demo compo, these platforms are the only ones

    • Windows (compo machine will run Windows7, with latest Service Pack, DirectX and drivers installed.)
    • Linux (compo machine will run Kubuntu 12.10 with latest upgrades to libraries and drivers)
    • Amiga (emulated) - If you have a PPC demo, provide your own vidcap
    • Atari (emulated
    • C64 (emulated)
    • Gameboy Advance (emulated)
    • Flash
    • Silverlight
    • .Net (Microsoft .Net on Windows or Mono on Linux)
    • Java
    • HTML5/JavaScript, with or without WebGL 
  5. Configuration of emulators

    For entries showed using an emulator, you are allowed and encouraged to bring your own configuration file for the emulator. However, the demo crew has the final say in what settings the demo will be used to make sure that settings reflect actual hardware (we will not allow 8GHz Amiga500s).

  6. Testing on the compo machine

    During the party you are welcome to come to us and get your demo tested on the compo machine. You do not need a completed demo to do a test. This is a chance to check your init code (or other sketchy sections of your code) on the compo machine, possibly avoiding problems during the actual compo.

    If you are entering on another platform than Windows we strongly encourage you to make use of this offer.

  7. Size limit

    64kb or below. The size of your entry will be displayed to the audience before your intro is shown.

  8. Maximum playing time

    8 minutes, but your demo should be very interesting to justify being that long.

    Try to keep up a good level of entertainment value throughout your production - remember that hundreds of people will be watching your demo, and they get easily bored.

What is an intro?

Intros are in essence the same as demos, but written to comply with a file size limit. This introduces a whole new set of challenges for the creators, as sound waveforms, 3D model meshes and graphics usually take up a lot of the space in a normal demo.

Size-efficient code, microscopic software synthesizers and efficient compression algorithms are required to meet the strict size limits. Of course, the intro still has to be exciting, beautiful, and well designed.