Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Powerup in the game of life!

With competition "Powerup in the game of life!" we want to stimulate the development of completely new and fresh proposals for health care solutions. Do you have the next great idea, and the skills and enthusiasm it takes to bring it to life?

Read more about the competition here.


  1. Hand-in

    The entry must be delivered as a Zip or RAR archive containing the files you need to explain your idea.

  2. Theme 1

    Create an idea / sketch / concept description for a gaming application that helps to improve and / or streamline the current health-care sector, for example the challenges listed in Sunnaas hospitals below. Submissions which also demonstrate how the game will work, using a simple prototype, will get extra attention from the jury.

  3. Theme 2

    Create an idea / sketch / concept description for a rehabilitation center which uses game technology to stimulate the training of the senses, motor skills of a physical or psychological nature, etc. The Jury emphasizes the ability to use available technology. Add  concrete examples of how the center can be used for the specific challenges you know yourself or as listed in Sunnaas hospital.

  4. Participation

    You can participate in the competition with any game you have made, both by yourself or with your team.

  5. Criterias for judging entries

    You can participate in the contest with any idea / sketch / concept description you have created, either alone or with your team.

  6. Entering the Regional Finals

    Deliveries chosen by the jury in this competition will also qualify for the Regional Finals later this year. You will get assistance and help to develop your application for these finals.
    This gives you the chance of winning more prizes and attract more attention and founding to your idea!

Background and motivation

Regionale Forskningsfond – Hovedstaden, Sunnaas Sykehus, Innovasjon Norge, The Gathering 2013 and Oslo Medtech invites a creative competition in the development of gaming applications and rehabilitation center with games for use in the health care sector.

Imagine Sunnaas Hospital with their patients and staff. The hospital will soon build a new building. The new building enables the possibility that new technology can have interaction with and in games. As a game developer you will be able to make the game that can help Sunnaas provide their patients with a better life.