Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Rendered Graphics

Create an amazing image by 3D-modelling and rendering.


  1. Hand-in

    The entry must be delivered as a Zip or RAR archive containing the following items:

    • The picture in 16:9 format, preferably but no less than 1920*1080 pixels. This is to ensure that the entry won't need scaling when shown on the bigscreen. This also means you should not submit an entry in portrait orientation.
    • A wireframe render of the picture.
    • A render of the picture without textures.

    Please use the following file names in your archive:

    • Compo version: title-yourname.png
    • In-progress pictures: title-yourname-wireframe.png, title-yourname-notexture.png

    Remember that the hand-in must be a rendered picture, NOT the scene/meshes.

  2. Allowed formats

    • PNG (.png)
    • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg)

    We recommend that you deliver your entry as PNG, as it is a lossless format.

    In-progress pictures must also be in JPEG or PNG format.

  3. Non-rendered elements

    • You are allowed to place your signature on the finished picture. This does not have be rendered, and can be composited into the picture using a graphics program of your choice. Apart from that, there should not be any scanned or pixeled elements in the picture, with exception for textures only.
    • You are allowed to render your scene in layers and compose these in another tool. However, all layers must be rendered.
    • You are allowed to do cropping and resizing of layers.
    • You are allowed to do minor color adjustments to your layers.
  4. Text in pictures

    There should not be any text in the picture, unless it is part of a texture or is part of the picture in a logical way (i.e., if you make a picture of a car, you are obviously allowed to equip it with license plates).

  5. Originality

    • Only objects made by the artist may be used.
    • The motive of your entry must be your own idea. This means you cannot use characters or concepts from movies, video games or other popular culture.
    • Meshes/scene should be available at request (for the jury).
    • You are not allowed to use elements for textures that you have not made (or photographed) yourself.

    Specifically, we do not allow images competing in the Freestyle Graphics competition to enter this competition.

  6. Voting

    A maximum of 20 entries will be shown in this compo. The winner will be chosen from a combination from popular vote and jury vote.