Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

TG Programming Championship

In this competition your programming skills and algorithmic provess is going to be tested. We will give out a series of programming problems that you will have to solve in one of the supported languages, and upload to our system for automatic evaluation.

The problems are of varying complexity, from entry-level problems to problems that we don't expect many (if any at all) will solve.

Compocase is available here.



All solutions must be in a single source file. You will upload the source code to the compo judgement system, where it will be executed and judged automatically.

Deciding a winner

The participants are first ranked by the number of solved problems, and then by the runtimes of the solution. The scoreboard will be visible to everyone at all times.

Programming languages

The following programming languages are supported by the judgement system:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
More languages may be added when we open the competition.

Basic sample code for all languages will be available. You can't use libraries outside the standard libraries for your language of choice.

Accessing system resources

Your program is not allowed to access disk, the network, external devices, etc. Attempting to do this will lead to an immediate disqualification and ban. If you feel you have been unjustly banned, please contact the crew so that we can investigate.


You can work in teams of up to three persons, but you can of course get advice and support from others outside your team.

Submission feedback

The compo system will give you varying feedback depending on how your code worked.

  • CORRECT means that your code built and ran in the allotted time, and produced the correct output.
  • COMPILER-ERROR means that your code failed to compile. Investigate whether your code doesn't depend on external libraries.
  • TIMELIMIT means that your solution timed out, and you should attempt to optimize your solution, or attempt to find another approach to solving the problem.
  • WRONG-ANSWER means that your code failed to produce the correct output. Inspect the problem description again, and make sure that you have considered all possible edge-cases and constraints.


During the competition the participants can request clarifications from the crew if they find anything unclear in the handed out problems, through the competition system. Clarifications will also be published through the competition system and available to all participants.