Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Themed Photo Manipulation

We will give you stock images, you use them to create something stunning.

Download the high resolution images here!


A minimum of three out of the six provided stock photos should be clearly visible in your entry. You are allowed to use other elements too, like drawings, brushes, textures, 3D models and so on, as long as you own the rights to use these elements.

  1. Hand-in

    Entries in this competition must be delivered as a ZIP or RAR archive containing the following items:

    • The picture in 16:9 format, preferably and no less than 1920*1080 pixels. This is to ensure that the entry won't need scaling when shown on the bigscreen. This also means you should not submit an entry in portrait orientation.
    • A text file containing contact information, and information about the elements used in the entry
    • If you used other photos in your entry, include the original untouched photos in your archive.

    Please use the following file names in your archive:

    • Compo version: title-yourname.png
    • Originals: title-yourname-original-photo-xx.png/jpg (where xx is just an identifier, should be explained in your text file with information about your entry)
  2. Allowed file formats

    • PNG (.png)
    • JPG (.jpg / .jpeg)
  3. Text in pictures

    There should not be any text in the picture, unless it is part of a texture or is part of the picture in a logical way.

  4. Originality

    All elements of the picture must be created or owned by you. This prohibits use of fonts, clip-art, photos, stuff you "found" at deviantArt and so on. You cannot use characters or concepts from movies, video games or any other aspect of popular culture.

    The stock photos that you are required to use are obviously exempt from this rule.

  5. Voting

    A maximum of 20 entries will be shown in this compo. The winner will be determined by popular vote.