Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Creative lounge

We love our creative party-goers at The Gathering, which is why we've set aside a special area just for you: The Creative Lounge.

The Creative Lounge is the creative area in the Vikingship, where new and old talent in areas like programming, music, graphics, video and game development (and many more categories) gather to share knowledge, experience and compete for prizes and honour in our competitions. The Creative Lounge is a large, relaxed area where you can explore the possibilities of using the computer for something creative and meet new and old friends from the demoscene and other creative groups at TG.

A Creative ticket gives you access to seating in this area.

Everyone is of course welcome to visit the creative lounge for seminars or a friendly chat, even if you haven't bought a Creative ticket. If you already have a normal ticket, but you'd like to be seated in the lounge, be sure to email today, and have your ticket converted.

Seat reservation for those with Creative Tickets: March 12th 17:00 through our ticket service

Creative Lounge
  • Open for everyone!
  • Helpdesk for all creative competitions
  • Mentors that may teach you some new tricks
  • Computers with installed software and equipment to borrow
  • Actual tables, instead of the usual sheets of chipboard!
  • Sofas, big screen and light refreshments
  • Demoshows, studio sessions and workshops