Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013


This year we have a wide variety of creative lectures. Most lectures will be held in norwegian, except where otherwise noted.

Main stage

Greased Lightning

Thomas Austad / Datsua
Saturday 13:00

An introduction to some common lighting models and their implementation in GLSL.

Making of the TG13 Attentiongrabber

Magnus Sørlie / Kaktusen
Thursday 17:00

Kaktusen shows you how he built the track "The Emergence of Superintelligence", this years attentiongrabber, and how to compare your tracks with the ones made by professional producers. He will explain advanced techniques on how to making the most out of your tracks, and the importance of mixing good before mastering.

Dynamics in pictures

Tina Alfredsen / Griffsnuff
Friday 18:00

Will redo an existing picture to make it more dynamic, while talking about the choices I make.

WaveSabre - A Case Study in 64k Synthesis

Jake Taylor / Ferris
Saturday 15:00
Language: English

This lecture will be about Ferris' 64k synth, WaveSabre. The talk will cover how this system works in detail, comparison to other systems, what's good/bad about it, different kinds of workflow, and an in-depth walkthrough of the architecture and ideas behind it.


A short introduction to artificial intelligence

Martin Sandsmark
Friday 17:00

In this lecture we will get an overview of the history of artificial intelligence, the most important methods in use, and where artificial intelligence is today.

Game development with HTML5

André I Read
Friday 12:30

With HTML5 you can make games that require neither installation nor plugins. Here you will learn how to easily get started making HTML5 games with ImpactJS. You will also get an introduction to how to make networked games using node.js. The presentation for this lecture will be written in these frameworks to demonstrate some of the possibilities, and people will be able to interact with the presentation during the lecture.

Anatomy and posing

Xianghe Kong / Offwhite
Thursday 16:15

Avoid stiffies and balloon tits, give life to your characters! We will go through basic the basics of the human body; proportions, weight, balance and movement. We will also look at how the shapes change dependant on position, and when interacting with the surroundings.

Advanced lighting and shadowing

Xianghe Kong / Offwhite
Friday 14:00

An introduction to realistic lighting. We ban black and white, and start using other tools. We will handle the topics colors, reflections (bounce light), materials and studio lighting vs. natural lighting.

Introduction to 3D modelling

Kim A. Strandli / Strunt
Thursday 12:45

If  you want to learn 3D modelling, are wondering about studying it in the future or just are curious about how it works, then this introduction is for you. We will discuss the basic concepts behind 3D graphics, how it is to work with, and how to start on your own.

Inspiration for drawing with artblock

Tina Alfredsen / Griffsnuff
Thursday 12:00

It's hard to draw when artblock decides to get in the way. I will talk about what it is, and show a way to get around it.

Modelling for games - Retopo, baking and texturing

Bjørnar Frøyse / Volant
Thursday 15:00

Will go through the process from high poly to low poly, and mention things to look out for. Focus on baking nice normal maps and get as much as use as possible out of them.