Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Welcome, all gamers

Welcome to this year's edition of The Gathering.

Like before, we will host a wide range of competitions and we hope everyone will enjoy participating in them.

This year, Game will undergo some serious changes. Our crew will still be running all the organised compos you have come to know and love, but we will also be adding as many games as possible to the roster during this year's party.

Professional eSports will receive little attention - our focus will mainly be on in-house compos to try to cater to the full spectrum of gamers we see every year. We will look back on both well-known and less well-known retro games. We can promise you a lot of surprises.

TG13 will be offering smaller monetary prizes, as we will be focusing on widening the participation in gaming events, because gaming should be fun!

Questions and feedback
We encourage everyone to check the Game pages on to keep updated, and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave them in our forum.

Photo: Vetle Halvorsen

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How to collect prizes for the game competitions

We've got some information for you about how to collect your prizes from the Game Compos.

Changes in the TetriNET tournament

Some small adjustments have been made in the tournament schedule.

eSportArena will host tournaments at The Gathering 2013

More tournaments will be held during The Gathering.

Register for Super Smash Bros

Mads André Valderhaug aka Zalvador will hold the Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament through the “Create your own tournament” feature. Sign up now!

Signups for game competitions

Registrations for the Game Tournaments are now open!

Shootmania Joust at The Gathering

Lions E-Sport Klubb will together with Logitech and Nadeo host a Shootmania tournament at The Gathering, download the game for free and join the fun!

Trackmania tournament open for registrations

The Trackmania Nations Forever tournament hosted by Bergie through our "Create your own tournament" feature is now open for registrations, register yourself today!

The first game tournaments are here

There will be lots of games and fun at TG13. Find out which game tournaments YOU can compete in.

Cosplay! - Awards!

A new opportunity for cosplay enthusiasts during The Gathering

Create your own tournament

The Gathering wants to give you the opportunity of your dreams: create and run your own game tournament for TG13!

Games are for everyone

This year The Gathering will do exciting things on the Game arena. Being creative and having fun are our main goals, says Simon Eriksen Valvik.