Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013


QUAKE LIVE is a fast paced tactical first person shooter. The objective in QUAKE LIVE is to frag/kill enemy players and score points by completing gametype specific objectives, while maneuvering within a combat arena gathering items to maintain one's health, armor and ammo to stay alive.

It is important for a player to begin gathering weapons, health and armor from the moment they spawn to improve their tactical position and give them a greater advantage in combat. Players who fight before properly gearing up will often find themselves ill prepared for combat. Remember to gear up after spawning, and to restock after each fight.

In most game types, if the player is fragged he or she instantly respawns with full health and gets straight back into the action but loses any weapons/power-ups that were carried. In Quake Live, a game ends once the fraglimit, timelimit, capturelimit, or scorelimit is reached.

The game is free to play at

Quake Live Tournament

Location: The Gathering 2013, Vikingskipet Hamar, Norway
Tournament format: Single Elimination
Contestants: Unlimited
Registration Deadline: Wednesday 27th March 2013 – 23:59
Rules-set: Link

There is lots more information in the ruleset so we kindly ask everyone to read it!

Brackets: Click Here!

Play Schedule: Click Here

Contacting tournament officials:
If you need to contact a tournament official, please use the irc-channel #tg.ql on the quakenet network or click here to use a browser client.

More information about the tournament will be released on this page as soon as possible, we recommend you keep yourself updated by visiting this page as often as you can.