Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013
Trackmania Nations Forever

Trackmania Nations Forever

Trackmania is a game that entered the eSports world in 2006 when the search was on for a racing game that could be used at the 2006 ESWC finals in Paris, France. The French developer Nadeo created "TrackMania Nations" in cooperation with the ESWC and since then the game has just grown and grown. Worldwide, there are 3,385,909 registered players. In Norway, there are just over 80,000 registered players with user accounts. TrackMania runs on the "first man to the goal"  - principly one v one and team v team. The game, which is abbreviated TMN (F), has been picked up by many large computer festivals and tournaments over the past year and the fanbase continues to grow every day.

The Tournament at The Gathering 2013

The Trackmania Nations Forever tournament this year will be held by Fredrik "Bergie" Bergmann through the "Create your own tournament" feature we have this year.

Trackmania Nations Forever is a free game that is available on the Steam store or you can download it from This means there is no excuse for not participating! Just download the game and register yourself for the tournament.

The tournament is scheduled to last for two days, Friday and Saturday, but if there are more registered players than planned for, it will be extended to a three day tournament, stretching from Thursday to Saturday. We will play the tournament using the 'cup game-mode' played first in group play mode, and then as a double elimination bracket.

We are supplying you with a set map pack for The Gathering which you can download here so you can start practicing for the tournament.

Prizes (value both in cash and gear):
1st    3000 NOK
2nd   2000 NOK
3rd    1000 NOK

Please keep in mind that the registrations for this tournament close on Thursday 28th at 23:59!

More information about the tournament, questions as well as the registrations can be found in the official thread on The Gathering forums.