Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Construction rules

All shelves must be steady, stable and built of non-flammable materials. Flammable materials such as plastic, cardboard or paper are not allowed as part of the construction. Additionally, constructions must follow these regulations:

  • Projects involving shelves crossing rows or with a height of over two meters above the table are required to send an application to konstruksjon at gathering dot org.
  • You cannot fasten anything onto or damage the tables in any way to build constructions. The construction must be solid enough to stand on its own.
  • Constructions must not exceed your allocated width and depth. Maximum size per participant is 80 cm wide and 55 cm deep. (Constructions should not be an obstacle for cables and such that lie along the tables.) Remember! These are overall dimensions!
  • Installation of light switches, sockets, fans and similar must be performed by a professional. Apparent defects and/or bad solutions may be required to be dismantled.
  • If part of the construction is placed between two (2) pallets resulting in the table taking most of the weight, Security may require you to reinforce the table.
  • If your construction does not fulfil these requirements, you may be asked to reinforce it. If this request is not acted on, Security may require you to dismantle the construction at any time.
  • Security may also require participants to take down constructions that are approved in advance, if they have apparent weaknesses or are at risk of falling apart.
  • We will perform periodic controls of constructions during the event. If the construction has been consented exemption from regulations before the event, please have the consent ready when approached by Security.
  • Constructions are not permitted in the Creative Lounge. The tables in the lounge are different from the others, and cannot withstand as much weight.
  • If you have doubts about you construction, contact konstruksjon at gathering dot org, or use the forums.

Additionally, we urge all participants to be creative when modelling their racks. Have this year's theme in mind!