Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

Getting there

An important part of the TG experience is actually getting there. Here are the easiest ways to travel.

By air

If you want to go by airplane, we recommend you land at Oslo Gardemoen (OSL), which is the closest to Hamar (about eighty km). There's a direct train connection from the airport to Hamar station. You can also fly to Sandefjord lufthavn, Torp (TRF), take a bus to Sandefjord, Tønsberg or Oslo and finally take another bus to Hamar.

By railway (and shuttlebuss from Hamar Stasjon to Vikingskipet)

You can go by train to Hamar station. The distance from there to Vikingskipet is approximately 2 km, so hiring a taxi may be a good idea. See NSBs website for train timetibles and other information.

There will be a shuttle bus running from the station to Vikingskipet, organized by TG. The shuttle will run from 07.00 to 15.30, and will cost 20 NOK.
This is the capacity of trains departing from Oslo and arriving at Hamar on Wednesday March 27th. Last updated 19th of March
Departure Oslo Arrival Hamar Availability
06:35 07:53 Low
07:34 08:59 High (~200)
08:34 09:53 High (~250)
12:34 13:55 Sold out
13:34 14:58 Sold out
Trains departing from Hamar and arriving in Oslo on the departure day, Sunday March 31st.
Departure Hamar Arrival Oslo Availability
10:03 11:26 80-90
12:03 13:26 100
13:56 15:26 100
12:34 13:55 Sold out
16:01 17:26 Usually full
Buy your train tickets early. According to NSB, some trains are almost full already.

By car

If you want to drive to TG, check out Google Maps for directions. Vikingskipet has plenty of parking spots outside.

Read this if you are arriving in a car:

If you are arriving in the lane opposite the arena,  please use the roundabout at the end of the road to change directions. Upon departure, access to the lane opposite the arena will be closed off, so everyone needs to initially head north when departing. 

If you have a parking permit for the physically disabled, are arriving by taxi/bus, or if you're a sponsor, please use the regular parking entrance (the one further away from the roundabout) and follow the instructions given from there. 

Everyone else must enter the parking lot from the entrance nearest the roundabout. From there, you will be directed by security to either the short term parking (max 10 mins, and the driver must stay in the car!), or long term parking. 

Registration will be, at least, partially outside, so bring warm clothes. More accurate information on the registration and entry will be at just before the event opens.

By bus

Several bus companies will offer direct routes to TG from around Norway. Ordinary buses will arrive at Hamar skysstasjon. If you are organizing a bus trip to Vikingskipet, you may find other, bus seeking participants at our forums.