Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013
– These are future of Cyber Defence
Photo by Sigurd Sveen

– These are future of Cyber Defence

The Cyber Defence League was impressed by the creativity at The Gathering.

The Cyber Defence League held the final of their Dragon’s Den competition on stage Saturday. Four finalists had been chosen among the suggestions sent in, and Eirik Hvattum won with his idea about GSM-ID encryption. Chief General of Cyber Defence, Roar Sundseth, was one of the judges.

He thought the suggestions were very good, and he was impressed by the creativity and quality of the ideas.

– The future of the Cyber Defence League is sitting right here in this arena, he says.

– We’re looking for youths with an interest in technology, that are creative, have imagination and can think outside of the box. That’s exactly what we’ll find here. This is a very important area of recruitment for us.

He says the Cyber Defence League are still working on improving their program at TG, but they’re here to stay.