Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013
Useful Phone Utility
Photo by Vetle Halvorsen

Useful Phone Utility

Do you want to win one of ten Geeksphones? All you need to know it right here.

Comoyo will be present at The Gathering with a team of six developers to act as mentors in the Creative Lounge.

Comoyo want to use their presence at The Gathering to teach young developers how to create apps with HTML5. We have therefore announced a competition in colaboration with Comoyo, where participants can battle by building the best HTML5 app for Firefox OS. 

The competition is named Useful Phone Utility. To be truly useful, an app must make the life of the user easier and maybe a bit funnier. The app should showcase cool things that can be done with HTML5 on mobile devices. Plus for apps which has a global market potential. We have a sense of humor, and appreciate crazy ideas. Ten winners will receive a Geeksphone, a phone specially designed for developers(and geeks).

More information, and the Useful Phone Utility rules can be found here.
Comoyos developer blog can be found here.