Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013
The Creative Gathering - Day 1 and 2
Photo by Kristoffer Nes Langemyhr

The Creative Gathering - Day 1 and 2

So, you're back? Great! The Gathering needs you, and your creative mind!


General Info

So, you're back? Great! The Gathering needs you, and your creative mind!


  • Wednesday, 23:00 Compo release for Hacking competition
  • Wednesday, 00:00 Theme release for Small HTML
  • Wednesday, 00:00 Theme release for NGA Fast Game Development
  • Thursday, 09:00 Theme release for Fast Graphics
  • Thursday, 10:00 Theme release for Fast Remix
  • Thursday, 00:00 Compo release for TG Programming Championship

Complete Schedule


  • Thursday, 12:00 Deadline for Fast Graphics
  • Thursday, 15:00 Deadline for Themed Photo Manipulation
  • Thursday, 15:00 Deadline for Photo
  • Thursday, 16:00 Deadline for Fast Remix
  • Thursday, 00:00 Deadline for Small HTML
  • Thursday, 00:00 Deadline for Useless Utility


As before, the stage and auditorium are filled with lectures and seminars. And also as before, you can get information, time and place on the schedule.

This Thursday, we got something pretty interesting on the schedule. What about learning some advanced 3D from the famous Bjørnar Frøyse (aka Volant)? You haven't forgotten his "Barely Regal"? If you have, come by our Creative Lounge and check it out! The lecture itself in the auditorium at 15:00. If you want the basics, Kim A. Strandli (aka strunt) is holding an introduction to 3D at 12:45 in the auditorium.

Just can't get your head into inspiration mode? Join Tina Alfredsen (aka Griffsnuff) in the Auditorium at 12:00 for some inspiration tips. And we can add Xiang He Kong (aka Offwhite) with anatomy and posing at 16:15 as well.

During the day, there will be more seminars and lectures, regarding Android, paperplanes, Raspberry Pi and more. Check out the schedule once more, and click the "Auditorium" filter!

And don't forget the stage, where Magnus Sørlie (aka Miu/Kaktusen) will talk about the TG2013 Attentiongrabber at 17:00! There will be bass!

Compo shows

  • Thursday, 19:00 Compo show: Fast Graphics, Photo, Themed Photo Manipulation, Fast Remix


At 22:15 Pegboard Nerds will take the stage! It's time for some Disconnect and Self Destruct! Bring your best moves and join us by the stage!

Not enough, you say? What about filling up with Miu at Club Night? Head over to the stage at 01:00, and you'll get a show you'll never forget!


Back once again are our fantastic mentors! They're here to help you, guide you, inspire you and keep you going! Read more about them on the Mentor-pages! Remember, each day between 14:00 and 16:00, they will be there to help you!