Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013
The Hacking compo is released
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The Hacking compo is released

The Hacking competition has been released.

So, bring your hacking skills and start hacking!

You can find the rules for the Hacking competition here.

Remember that hacking of networks and systems without permission is illegal!

Do you like hacking? Or maybe you want to learn some? Join Hack, the hacking competition held during this years The Gathering. Head over to

Each task demands that you'll find a text string to solve the task. For each of the tasks you solve, you'll get points. The number of points depends on the level of the task, such that the introduction tasks will give you fewer points than the harder ones. The mixed tasks will give the most points.

When you have collected 4 000 points, you've earned yourself a prize! Our friends in Digital Impuls has given us some presents to give the 1337 hackers coming to the UiO-stand.

It will be possible to gain achievements during the competition, and these will give you hacker levels. In addition to the hacker levels, you'll notice increasing of category levels. Using these levels, you'll be able to compare you and your friends hacking skills, and whom is best and in what! (You may choose to make your profile private, such that others doesn't know how you're doing).


Below you'll find a list of the categories

Away From Keyboard demands that you move away from your keyboard to do a physical task. It can be to visit the UiO stand to fix the nuclear bomb problem, or find Arne by doing social hacking.

Web is the tasks available to solve using your browser, and demands clever solutions like SQL-injections, XSS and more.

Cryptography and stenography challenges your logical abilities, because you have to decrypt the codes hidden in text strings

Remote hacks is the category where you have to exploit weaknesses in the services, and attack targets using the network. Are you smarter than the system?

Reverse engineering demands understanding of how software runs. You will get a range of compiled software, and need to decompile them to find the answer.

About the competition

This competition is a collaboration between the University of Oslo (UiO), Creativia and KANDU. A couple of dedicated people have poured their time and knowledge in creating the tasks:

  • Julian Jark, leader: Bachelor student at UiO
  • Aleksi Luukkonen: Bachelor-student ved UiO
  • Hans Fredrik Furholt: Bachelor-student ved UiO
  • Arne Hassel: Nylig ferdigutdannet Master-student ved UiO
  • Peter Brottveit Bock: Masterstudent ved UiO

The compo case