Vikingskipet, Hamar
27.–31. March, 2013

News from category: General

Pictures - Become a Shadowhunter

Here's the pictures from the premiere event for "The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones".

Become a shadowhunter

This article is only available in Norwegian here.

KANDUs generalforsamling

In Norwegian only: KANDU inviterer alle medlemmer til årets generalforsamling som holdes klokka 14:00 søndag 26. mai i Oslo.

TNG 5 is out!

Only in Norwegian.

Full version of the attention grabber released

Magnus Sørlie aka Miu has now uploaded the full version of the song "The Emergence of Superintelligence" used as an attention grabber at TG13.

Lost something?

If you were so unfortunate to lose something, pherhaps into a Singularity, please send us an email at

Remember to pick up your merchandise

If you've bought TG merchandise through geekevents, remember to pick it up at ChillOut before 3 am.

See your postcard from TG13

Want to share a memory from TG13 with friends and family?

Daylight saving time

Unfortunately, this year's party will be one hour shorter due to daylight saving time.

– These are future of Cyber Defence

The Cyber Defence League was impressed by the creativity at The Gathering.

TNG 4 is here

Only in Norwegian.

Win a ticket to TG14

Feeling restless? KANDU:ChillOut is organizing a quiz run around Hamar city.

You can now get your merchandise

If you've ordered merchandise through Geekevents you can go to ChillOut to pick it up after 14:00.

Win a bird's view of TG

Ever wanted a bird's view of the The Gathering? Here's your chance!

Can you help Cyber Defence?

The Norwegian Cyber Defence is present at The Gathering, and they want your ideas for new tools.

TNG 3rd edition

The third edition of The News Gathering is up. Unfortunately, this magazine is only available in Norwegian.

TG Programming Championship Compo Case is up

The first part of the compo case for TG Programming Championship is now up!

Distribution of merchandise is delayed

If you've ordered merchandise through and wonder where you can get your clothing, towels, mousepads and already paid for effects - this has been delayed until further notice. We will announce it through the PA-system and on the information boards in the south and north end of the ship when it's available.

Watch your things

Here are some precautions to avoid theft.

Keep your food fresh

Yes, you can trade in your cooler bricks!

The 2nd edition of The News Gathering is here

Only in Norwegian

Pimp my shelf

So you like to play World of Warcraft in your superpimped one-of-a-kind gaming environment?Does your shelf have what it takes to reach the top end of our "Pimp my Reol" compo?

This is Cosplay! Awards!

All you need to know about the Cosplay competition.

Meal ticket times

For those who have meal tickets, breakfast is served from 8 am to 11 am, and dinner from 3 pm to 6 pm from Thursday until Saturday. For those with a Fjordland ticket, food is available between 11 am and 8 pm.

Live stream from the stage

You can watch the live stream from the stage here

Fast graphics timeslot moved

The themes for fast graphics competition will be announced at 9 am Thursday morning, and the deadline is at noon.

Do you have an extraordinary outfit or costume?

We want to talk to you

First evening – are you ready?

The schedule for the evening is filled with events. Get the summary of what you should see and do here.

Are you using the right IP version?

Are you experiencing that websites you are visiting thinks you're in the wrong country? The solution might changing from IPv4 to IPv6. Here's how you fix it.

Read the creative rules

when you're participating in the creative competitions it's important that you read the rules

Traffic jam

Are you traveling by car, and able to postpone your departure? We would appreciate it if you did.

About food tickets

If you have bought a food ticket, it can be picked up in the reception now.

Wireless network

For the first time ever, The Gathering has a wireless network. The password can be found here.

First participant checks in at The Gathering

The test check-in was completed, and all systems works as expected.

It's cold outside!

The Gathering 2013 is soon to get started, and the doors will open shortly. Considering the weather, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Follow us live

You can find the live webcam here.

The News Gathering is back!

This year's first edition of our magazine, The News Gathering, is here. Download it and read all about arrival, creativity and much, much more.

In Norwegian only.

Free bun from Espa

Nobody sells as many buns as Shell Espa, and they're giving you a taste for free.

Follow us on Instagram during TG

The Gathering is on Instagram as @gatheringorg

A better network

With faster uplinks and a 30 GBit/s internet access, you will have a better internet experience at TG13 than ever.

Fjordland saves the day

Get Fjordland’s coupon booklet, and you're guaranteed great dinner every day throughout the week of The Gathering.

Press accreditation

The press accreditation for The Gathering 2013 is now open.

Win tickets to the "Hansel & Gretel" premiere

You can join The Gathering on the premiere of Tommy Wirkola's new Hollywood movie in Oslo!

Liven up your screen

Our little new years suprise for you. Great TG13 wallpapers for your desktop, tablet and phone.


TG13 merchandise

This year we're bringing you loads of TG13 merchandise that you can show off to your friends with.

Important dates

Here are the dates you need to know, this post is subject to updates. Latest update March 10th, 10 am.

The final News Gathering of 2012

The TG magazine, The News Gathering (TNG) is back, read previous editions here.

Back once again

The TG13 forums are here!

Apply for a crew position

Do you want to make The Gathering 2013 the best TG ever? If you do, you should apply for a crew position.