Vikingskipet, Hamar
16.–20. April, 2014

News from category: General

Here are the organizers

These are the people in charge of making TG15 a kick-ass event!

Join us at the general assembly


Tech goodiebag

Here's one last easter egg from our Tech:Server crew.

Highlights from day 4

The last day of TG14 was filled with highlights from games, creative competitions and touches of TG-traditions.


Editorial: Back To the Real World

Luckily there's a TG next year as well.

Lost something?

If you lost or found something in Vikingskipet, please contact us.

To the top of TG

This article is only available in Norwegian.

Crew for a Day

This article is only available in Norwegian.

Undies, Traditions and "Arne"

We take a closer look at the contestants' traditions, the real story behind "Arne", and Sodapoppin's underwear.

Interview with Noobwork

See the interview with the YouTuber Noobwork here.

Survey about sleep at TG

See the norwegian version for the full article.

Steady stream of sleeping related injuries at Medic

This article is only available in Norwegian.

– TG is a safe place

Police dogs visited The Gathering on Friday morning. None were taken for drug possession.

Running samples from animation workshop

We had an animation seminar at 4PM this afternoon. Here you can find the sample presentation. There's also a competition!

The Norwegian Armed Forces at your service

Free food! Competitions! Nice people in cool costumes! What's not to like?

Pimp My Reol

Take a look at the coolest reols at TG!

The Watchdogs

Read the full article on the Norwegian website.

A home for you

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Stay classy, take a shower

Having a hard time locating a shower or a restroom? Click here!

Map over sleeping areas

Take a look at our sleeping map to see where the best places to relax are at the moment. 

Slideshow: Day 1

Our photographs takes hundreds of pictures every day. Here's a few of them.

Info: Food Tickets

Read all the information we got regarding the food tickets here.

Do you need a place to chill out?

KANDU invites you to partake in the fun at ChillOut!

Keep your food fresh

Yes, you can trade in your cooler bricks!

The first hour of TG

The first 60 minutes might be the most special, since they stand out from the rest of the week.

Those who wait

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Everything you need to know about WiFi at The Gathering

There is WiFi for all participants this year. Here is everything you need to know to get connected.

Let's instagram together

The Gathering is on Instagram as @gatheringorg.

Join us at IRC

Join our IRC channel!

Participant ombudsman

This article is only available in Norwegian.

Food tickets are now available

The food tickets are now ready to be picked up.

We got many new crew members this year!

We about 100 new people in our crew! Meet some of them.

Part 2 of our Teaser-series

Watch our next episode in our teaser-series!

Free bun from Espa

Nobody sells as many buns as Shell Espa, and they're giving you a taste for free.

Do you need a trip to the store?

Here’s an overview over some of the stores and gas stations close to the Vikingskipet.

Behind the scenes

What really happens before the doors open?

A mouldy incident!

Info:desk has been fronting the war against black mold this year. They are among those who have suffered the hardest losses, after mold invaded their container before this years event.

Parking lots have changed

Short-term parking lot and arrival by taxi/bus has moved. Long-term parking is at the same place as last year. 

Remember to bring warm sleeping equipment

To avoid getting cold during the night, it's important to bring a warm sleeping bag and a good sleeping pad, especially if you are planning to sleep in the sleeping tent outside. You should also take an extra look at the packing list before leaving for TG.

Win! with The Gathering

We've got a gift certificate that we'd like to give away. All you have to do, is to answer one quick question.

Questions in the following days?

Only a few days left to Easter and TG14! There are some changes in how you can get in touch with us from now on.

Nerdswim is back!

Nerdswim will be back at The Gathering this year! Grab the opportunity to get wet.

A lot of tech

These are a few of our favorite things - and the solutions we will be using this year.

Crew for a day

Are you wondering what all those people running around in crew sweaters are doing? Would you like to experience TG behind the scenes? Apply to be Crew For A Day!

Invite to TG14

Get the TG feeling!

The Gathering wins the Gullstikka prize

– You might call The Gathering for the driving force of the gaming community

Tech visits Vikingskipet

Read more at the Tech:Net blog.

Food when you want to eat

The Fjordland menu is back.

Hotel offer

Her står det noe fint.

Meal tickets and mouse pads

Lasagna, meat patties and taco, this is the food you want to eat!

Need to park your mouse, get the TG14 mouse pad.

Information for parents

If you're sending your child to The Gathering 2014 we recommend reading this