Vikingskipet, Hamar
16.–20. April, 2014

News from category: Game

Lifting won League of legends

Not translated.

The King of Nerds

Meet the Nerd of nerds: Jørgen Faale!

Armada strikes again

Adam "Armada" Lindgren is a world champion in Super Smash Bros Melee, and was the victor of the tournament at TG.

Best in Tekken at TG

The Gathering covered the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 competition, uncovering who's the best in Tekken at TG.

Streamers at TG14

Not translated.

TSM Lawbster is at TG14

Did you know that one of the world champions in Smite is Norwegian? Watch an interview with him from TG14 here.



10 at TG14 on gaming plans

We talked to 10 people at TG14 about their gaming plans this Easter!

How to sign up for the game competitions

Many of the participants at TG14 are here to game. If you want to compete in any of the gaming competitions that are held throughout easter, you have to sign up first.

Nerd Royal - king or queen of nerds

Er du kongen eller dronningen av nerdene på TG14? Da kan du vinne 5000 kr + HP Pro X2!

The game compos are here

This year The Gathering will be a fantastic place for everyone who loves games, both for the casual players and hardcore gamers.