Vikingskipet, Hamar
16.–20. April, 2014

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Do you miss TG?

Do you miss The Gathering?

Watch the Whole Miu Concert!

Can your home speakers handle this much Miu? We doubt it. 

Karin Park

The norwegian/swedish synthpop artist held a striking performance on the TG stage.

Highlights day 3

Check out the highlights from day three!

Slideshow: Miu concert

Miu "The bass" was back on stage on The Gathering with heavier bass and even more lights on his epic helmet. Check out the slideshow!

Pimp my Shelf Part 2

The second part of our hunt for the coolest shelf at TG!

Nerdswim - five in the water

This article is only available in norwegian

Highlights From Day 2

Day two was no worse than day one. Here's the highlights.

Lemaitre on TG

The Norwegian band played for an excited crowd

Interview with Savant

Denne artikkelen finnes kun på norsk.

Sodapoppin - the streamer with pink hair

This article is not available in English.

Highlights From Day 1

See the highlights from yesterday.

A Red Movement

How many redheads are there at The Gathering?

Kick-off at TG

This article is only available in Norwegian.

Slideshow: The Opening Show

See some of the pictures from this year's opening show

Watch the opening show

We'll be streaming in high quality

TG14 will be a steep learning curve

This article is not available in English.

Level Up-contest

Level Up wants to make a new online gaming community, and they want your help.

- I was mind blown

This article not available in english.

No livestream today

Due to some technical issues, our monkeys seems to have stopped working. Sadly, this means no livestream today. We hope this snippet will make you feel better.

Make sure to keep yourselves updated on for further information!

Watch all of our Teaser-videos here

Here we collect all of the teaser-videos into a nice little list just for you!

Watch Scott and Amy throughout the week

Familiar faces from «Geek and Sundry» will guide you through the TG with live TV every day at

The Gathering teaser

Are you anxious to get here? check out this teaser

Scott from Geek and Sundry welcomes you to TG

Scott is one of the hosts on The Gatherings studio broadcasts, that will take the temperature on TG throughout the party.

Let there be music

These are the artisits that will entertain you at The Gathering this Easter.

Geek and Sundry at TG14!

We are proud to let you all in on some very exciting news! Amy, Sachie and Scott from Geek & Sundry will attend The Gathering!