Shelves at The Gathering

There is a lot of impressive shelves amongst the rows TG. We went out and found a few that we liked.

At row 24 and 25, 22 participants from Kristiansand are seated.


- We wanted a big setup because its cool, and we are a big gang so we need a lot of space, we also like the attention and people saying it looks cool.

Hours are spent building these shelves, but the actual time used varies from group to group.

- We were six people building it, and it took three days. The task that took the most time was the painting.

Our participants spend a lot of money on these projects. This group told us that they have spent around 6000 NOK on their shelf. The consensus is that these projects are money well spent.

Creative IKEA setup


Someone else who impressed us with their setup was two guys on row 68 seat 37 and 38.

When visiting TG, having enough space is crucial.

- We need more space for all of our stuff, so a shelf is needed, we also like it systemized.

It is not a secret that it is hard to transport the big shelves people make, but these guys did a good job in that department.

- We used an Ikea solution system, where we transported everything in pieces and assembled them when we arrived.

The price tag landed at 1200 NOK, not including some hours of assembly.

Some more awesome setups deserving of publicity:

Total price: 1500 NOK
Time used: 2 days
Was all the work worth it? Yes, definitely

Total price: 4000 NOK
Time used: 3 months
Was all the work worth it? Yes!

Total price: 6000 NOK
Time used: 1.5 weeks
Was all the work worth it? Yes, of course

Total price: 7000 NOK
Time used: 3 days
Was all the work worth it? Absolutely

What did we miss? Tell us about the coolest shelves at The Gathering by submitting a comment!