The Creative Gathering - wrapping up Thursday

The creative schedule for our second day at The Gathering was very full. Here is a short recap.

First, Tim gave a lecture discussing the various challenges you may come across when designing multiplayer games. An hour later Illy gave us an introduction to the extremely cool field of Artificial Intelligence.

At noon, the themes for Small HTML, Fast Remix, and Fast Graphics were released. The contestants in the Fast Remix and Fast Graphics competition had four short hours to prepare their contributions, and we saw some frantic activity in the Creative Lounge throughout the day.

Tools for game and shader development

Afterwards, Thomas gave a lecture on Unity, a cross-platform game engine. He gave us a thorough introduction to the program, starting with a basic introduction to the interface before moving on to interaction with the player.

Our next lecture was given by Emil Sandstø, who demonstrated the use of Shadertoy as a platform for shader development. More information about this lecture can be found here.

Miu giving a lecture on music production

And now, for some art

Miu, who will play for us from stage on Friday, entered the Creative Stage an hour later for a lecture showing how to make music using Ableton Live.

Thursday's last lecture featured Kim telling us more about techniques for creating textmode art.

Competition show

On Thursday night, it was time for what many consider the highlight of the Creative Thursday - the very first competiton show. We saw the contributions for the Fast Graphics, Photo, Themed Photo Manipulation, Fast Music, Ten Second Movie, Visual Effects and Music Video competitions presented on the Main Stage. We encourage everyone to head over to the compo system to check out the contributions and vote for their favorites.